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How to Install Kodi on Xbox One[Latest] Article

Kodi is Officially available for Xbox One: The Long wait is over. On December 29, Kodi 17.6 Alpha Version has…

Kodi is Officially available for Xbox One:

The Long wait is over. On December 29, Kodi 17.6 Alpha Version has been Officially launched Worldwide by Kodi Team for Microsoft Xbox One. Microsoft’s Xbox One is one of the most powerful Gaming Consoles and Kodi was not available for Xbox One and there was always a Question of When Kodi will be launched for Xbox One. The 2018 New year will really be a Rocking year for all the Xbox One users as Kodi, one of the Most Powerful Media Players, is officially been launched for Microsoft Xbox One. Currently, the Alpha Version of Kodi 17.6 has been released for Xbox One and a Stable Kodi 17.6 can be expected soon from the Kodi Team. Here, we will see more about Kodi and Xbox One and their History in brief and also about the methods to Download and Install Kodi on Xbox One.

Kodi on Xbox One
Kodi v17.6

Outline of the Article:

Official Kodi for Xbox One[Kodi Version Information]:

It is like a Dream became reality for Xbox One users. The Kodi available for Xbox one is Kodi Krypton 17.6 and it is an Alpha version. Alpha version is not a Stable Version and Hence it might contain several errors or Bugs. Kodi Team is working on a Stable version and moreover, Kodi 18 codenamed Leia is already under development which is almost completed and soon can be expected. Kodi 18 Leia will be running on 64-Bit Platform which is going to be one of the Biggest Achievement in Kodi history.Kodi which was earlier termed as XBMC was a media player which was initially designed for Xbox. In the Middle, Microsoft changed all its products to Universal Windows Platform. Till now, Kodi runs on the 32-bit platform and Kodi is almost available for all the gadgets such as Android Smartphones, Apple devices, Pcs, Linux based devices and Raspberry Pi.

Various Ways to Download Kodi on Xbox One:

In this section, we will see How to Download and Install Kodi 17.6 on Microsoft’s¬†Xbox One using different methods. Kodi App can be downloaded either from Microsoft Store or from Xbox Store and hence there won’t be any confusion about which store you have to use. We will see in detail, the methods to download Kodi App on Xbox One.

How to Download Kodi App using Microsoft Store:

Downloading Kodi on Xbox One is really a very simple process and yet we will explain it in detail so that it will be useful even for the beginners. The following are the steps.

  1. Go to Microsoft Store.
  2. Search for Kodi in the Search Column which is available on the Top Right.

    Kodi on Xbox One
    Search for Kodi
  3. Kodi app will be listed in Suggestions options. Choose that.
  4. Finally, Click on “Get” option and you can find Kodi getting Downloaded.

    Kodi on Xbox One
    Choose Get
  5. Once the Download and Installation are done, then you can use it on the Xbox One.

That’s all the steps involved in this section.

How to Install Kodi using Xbox Store:

Suppose, you want to download Kodi from Xbox Store then you can do the same search in Xbox Store itself.

  1. Open Xbox Store.
  2. Search for Kodi in Search Column.

    Kodi on Xbox One
    Search for Kodi
  3. Once you find then Click on that.
  4. Now, you will be redirected to Microsoft Store’s page of Kodi App and you can install the app from the page.

What can we Expect from the Alpha Version of Kodi on Xbox One:

It was really an Excitement when Kodi was officially launched for Xbox One. But the Alpha Version of Kodi might contain some Bugs and errors and in general, it is better to use the Stable Version. Most of the users, after installing the Alpha version of Kodi has commented as it does not allow many addons and Builds to Install and hence they are little disappointed. Anyhow, this is a Great Start and all the Xbox One users will be really happy because Kodi is finally available for Xbox One.

Kodi 18 Code named Leia[Nightly Build Version]:

Kodi on Xbox One
Kodi 18

Kodi 18 will be one of the Steppingstone for Kodi as the Player will be running on 64 Bit version. Kodi Team has already declared that Kodi Krypton 17.6 will be the final version of Krypton series and the Next Update of Kodi is going to be a Major Update in the history of Kodi Player and it is Kodi Leia which is codenamed as Leia. Currently, the Nightly Build version of this player is available on Official Website of Kodi and it can be downloaded and used. Users Kindly note that Nightly Build versions are not Stable Versions and hence there might be Bugs and errors and hence it is users responsibility to make sure whether to use the Nightly Build Versions or not.

Different ways to Use Kodi on Xbox One:

If you wish to enjoy the Stable version features of Kodi on Xbox One then, for the time being, you can try Kodi with Firestick or Raspberry Pi. But the Disadvantage of this method is that you require additional devices such as Firestick or Raspberry. If you have any of the devices then kindly follow the below steps.

  1. Download and Install Kodi on Firestick or Raspberry Pi.
  2. Plug them into the HDMI IN Port of Xbox One.
  3. Now you can able to view the Kodi Player.

This is not an effective method yet we have just provided for an information. In case you have a Firestick or Raspberry Pi then you can try with this method.

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Kodi on Xbox One
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